New York Collection Attorneys Recover Debts for Creditor Clients

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Relin, Goldstein & Crane, LLP is trusted by clients across Upstate New York to help them recover the money they are owed for their goods and services. Since 1927, the attorneys at Relin, Goldstein & Crane, LLP have been providing clients with legal advice and litigation services at every level of state and federal court. They have helped banks, businesses, institutional lenders and other clients collect the debts owed to them.

Rochester attorneys committed to providing results

Relin, Goldstein & Crane, LLP can assist you if you need help collecting money from debtors on:

  • Unpaid loans
  • Guaranties and promissory notes
  • Letters of credit and other extensions of credit
  • Fees owed for professional services
  • Debts for goods sold or delivered
  • Liens of all varieties
  • Unpaid rent and charges for apartments, condominiums and co-ops
  • Unjust enrichment claims
  • Replevin actions subject to creditors’ liens
  • Breach of contract actions

They are dedicated to delivering exceptional client service. In addition to providing litigation services, the attorneys at Relin, Goldstein & Crane, LLP also review clients’ current contracts to eliminate issues that may arise in the future. By fighting for you today and protecting your future, Relin, Goldstein & Crane, LLP makes sure that you get the results you deserve.

What is the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)?

The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act (FDCPA) is a federal law that restricts collectors from taking certain actions to secure payments from consumers. Attorneys at Relin, Goldstein &
Crane, LLP are completely knowledgeable about the FDCPA and can steer collections efforts to be compliant with the law:

  • The FDCPA requires a collector to make mandatory disclosures to a debtor in the initial communication. Attorneys at Relin, Goldstein & Crane, LLP are fully aware of the disclosure requirements and will ensure communications are compliant.
  • Creditors are allowed to use fair methods to recoup money owed. If debtors fail to respond to initial efforts to collect, it is within the law to initiate suit and obtain pre-judgment writs of attachment and garnishment for bank accounts and other items of personal property. Relin, Goldstein & Crane, LLP will exercise these legal options to the fullest.
  • Some debts, including debts incurred to run a business, are not covered by the FDCPA. There is no risk of violating FDCPA in collecting for debts associated with running a business.

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